Are you talking about me Dale Dudley? Ep #20


There goes the Last DJ (Tom Petty Cover) by OurFunCovers

You tuned in to Episode #20 of Radio Caca, I get it. Radio Caca is the Dudley and Bob with Matt show fan podcast hosted by the 254 #warriors Podcast Dan and Adam Wolf.

Is it true you think of Adam and I when you shower?
How often do people come up to you and regurgitate call backs or memes and you have no clue what they are talking about?
Are you surprised that you are still doing the kind of radio show that you want to do?
How are the ratings?
You often say your radio influence is Howard Stern, but your show today is patterned more like Opie and Anthony. Why? How do those two shpws influence you?
Are you talking about me? Is it creepy that so many people think you are talking through your show to them?
Talk about the cast you have cast now, describe how each of them influence you.
Our first guest was Bob Fonseca and we called him the perfect second fiddle. Is he under appreciated outside the show?
What does Matt Beardon bring to the show?
You went against your instincts and added Matt’s name to the show. Why?
You were revolutionary by terestrial radio standards for creating an uncensored podcast,  has the Sideshow changed anything for you?
Will the Sideshow go free? When?
Are you warming up to the idea of a pay-per-listen for the off-air conversations?
When will you do another Above The Neck?
Are you pissed at the lady warriors?
Has becoming a father changed you?
Are you happy?
You have said over and again that you are done when this contract is over, is that a negotion tactic or are you done? If we begged and pleaded, would you consider signing a new contract?
You seemed to be less vocal vocal about about polarizing subjects of religion and politics, is there any reason?

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