Here Comes Treble edition, #27


Special Guest, Carissa McAtee

All About That Bass – Meghan Tonjes (Meghan Trainor Cover)

I’m Podcast Dan, the Matt Bearden of Warbling.
Host Adam Wolf says
Radio Caca, where we are all about the Treble
Episode #27, Dudley and Bob w/Matt Fan Podcast for the week ending July 25th, 2014
Welcome to Carissa Jaded
Audience plays the “So-Like” game.
–Carissa interview–
–Dudley and Bob w/Matt Show–
Don’t want to break it down and compare, we are gonna p someone off.
Intelligent show this week. I don’t like it.
Guests this week sucked.
Wacky radio voices week
Call in shows are the laziest form of radio
‎Clunker. Matt, medical marijuna for epilepsy, the research is shakey.
Don’t call in and say the show was good. Or Bad. Just don’t call in
Dudley and Bob Command Center
Bob is all about that bass
First ever no jumbo hotdog Friday
SuperMeowy ‏@lopezv00 Jul 25
I think that line that @BobFonseca dropped might qualify for a BFSLOTW for #RadioCaca “The pot starts in 5th grade””Intellectual honesty,” “critical thinking skills”…talk about tingles! Mmmmmatt Mmmmoment! #RadioCaca @DudleyandBobWhoopDiDiddlyDoo ‏@WholeLottaJulie Jul 24
Definite Mmmmatt Mmmmoment when @matt_bearden said “mmmm…man cookies.” Cuz I’m weird that way. #RadioCacaWhoopDiDiddlyDoo ‏@WholeLottaJulie Jul 23
I can’t help but feel like a lot of these amazing #LOTW nominees could only happen on a Dale-less week. #RadioCaca@DudleyandBob #Warriors: Next week we are doing our worst bits of the Century awards. #RadioCaca @BobFonsecaTom ‏@austom1 Jul 22
Oh and if @matt_bearden line “three inches of disinterest” isn’t the #radiocaca LINE OF THE WEEK then I unsubscribe.SuperMeowy ‏@lopezv00 Jul 21
Wacky radio voices brought to you by in-car microphones! #MattMoment #RadioCaca

Jacob ‏@youareatower Jul 21
“What’s happening all of a sudden? Do we not know how Star Wars works?” – @matt_bearden LOTW nom #radiocaca

guy ‏@nittyfolk Jul 21
Glad to hear @mkelly007 on #radiocaca and also felt more comfortable listening knowing that @podcastdan is not a neo-nazi

SuperMeowy ‏@lopezv00 Jul 21
This entire sideshow is a #MattMoment talking about songs and the sound quality and the look & feel of the day.

Lala Smith ‏@snowflake1138 Jul 21
Okay, I was wrong. Just had an Mmmm Matt moment when he said Bouré. Mmmmm Cajun. #radiocaca

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