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    Sun May 08 2022
    Buy the Dip: BSC’s 100 Biggest Whales Pump $RACA Trades and Buy Over 1,263,510 $RACA on Average

    Whales, the big investors in the cryptocurrency market, are taking advantage of the broad correction that has hit the entire crypto ecosystem and buying $RACA. According to data from  WhaleStats , RACA was among the most traded tokens by the 100 largest whales on the BNBChain in the last 24 hours. Whales’ appetites have helped drive $RACA trades past $14.3 million in the past 24 hours, according to data from the  Coinmarketcap, and upped the $RACA marketcap to nearly $300 million. Furthermore, on average, the top 100 whales on Binance’s blockchain network purchased around 1,263,510 $RACA. The strategy of taking advantage of a market downturn to accumulate a particular cryptocurrency is known as “Buying the Dip.” In this type of strategy, traders and large investors take advantage of the fact that a token is priced below the market and accumulate these crypto -assets because they know that the price will likely rise soon. Recently commenting on RACA updates and developments, top analyst Paul Brabus from The VR Soldier , one of the leading cryptocurrency sites on the market, listed RACA as one of the top 3 metaverse projects with a token price under 10 cents.  The analyst said: “RACA has […]

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    Fri May 06 2022
    Radio Caca’s NFT Marketplace OpenPFP Trades Over $40 Million in NFTs, Enters the Top 5 Ethereum-Based NFT Marketplaces

    RadioCaca (RACA) announced that its marketplace focused on Ethereum-based NFTs,, has moved over $40 million of NFTs within 30 days of its launch. Compared with data from DappRadar, this trading volume places OpenPFP as one of the five largest Ethereum-based marketplaces in the cryptocurrency market. The performance of Radio Caca’s OpenPFP should be celebrated, given the current bear market in the cryptocurrency market and the short time since its launch as, which was launched on March 28th. In addition, NFT trading, according to Axios data, faced a significant pullback in 2022. Among the most traded NFT collections on OpenPFP are Terraforms, Dotdotdot, Bored Ape Yacht Club, Azuki, and Mutant Ape Yacht Club. In addition to being a simple and intuitive platform built for trading NFTs on Ethereum, OpenPFP currently has one of the lowest fees on the market at 1%, compared to OpenSea’s 2,5% and LooksRare’s 2%. This low fee will continue until July 16, when the fee will increase to 2%. Galleries & Land Drops Collections on will show a link that seamlessly teleports users to a 3D gallery in the USM Metaverse. There you can showcase, view, and explore PFP collections in a truly immersive experience. Like Oncyber, everyone can enter […]

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    Sat Apr 30 2022
    Radio Caca (RACA) Announces French Montana’s Official Metaverse: 2D CASA

    Radio Caca (RACA) has announced the official release of their 2D metaverse in partnership with rapper French Montana. This will be the first metaverse in the world to unite the traditional music ecosystem with the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry. The metaverse will be called 2D CASA, and the alpha version will launch by June 30, 2022. According to RadioCaca, 2D CASA will offer one million houses in the 2D metaverse. Most houses will be available through their egg rewards for Play-to-Earn (P2E) Metamon Island players. There will also be 2D Houses reserved for our Lost World players. All details can be found in this medium post. More than 10 billion RACA ($25 million) will be invested to develop 2D CASA. 2D CASA is a new social space where NFT players and projects can buy houses, build headquarters, organize events, distribute whitelists, and mint new NFTs. According to RACA, with 2D CASA, “you get something not available in our current social interactions. You get immersion and can connect and feel the presence of others.” Radio Caca said: “THIS ALL STARTS WITH THE SHARED EXPERIENCES WE HAVE CRAFTED FOR OUR USERS. WE CALL THESE SHARED EXPERIENCES 2D CASA STORYLINES.” 2D CASA Metaverse The 2D […]

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    Sat Apr 16 2022
    Lost World, Hall of Valhalla, and Valhalla Points

    The new Lost World updates will bring in exciting new game mechanics. Players will be able to form their own squads and participate in group battles, in addition to other new features such as training and earning achievements.   Valhalla Points At the Hall of Valhalla, Valhalla points can be used to redeem exclusive rewards that are not obtainable from Metamon Eggs, such as R building materials, NFTs, and priority 2DM advantages.   Valhalla Point Acquisition Table Victory Reward: +5 Valhalla Points Survival Reward: +1 Valhalla Point Failure Encouragement(s): +1 Valhalla Point Bye Seeding Round Bonus: +5 Valhalla Points   Health Index The Health Index (HI) is a new mechanism in Metamon Island. HI is capped at 100. A metamon loses 1 HI for every 5 failed attacks. While a metamon’s HI is 0, the metamon will become inactive and unable to join any battle. HI can be restored by using the Anti-Fatigue potion, which is obtainable from points redemption in the Lost World or created by mixing green potions. Actual Fragment Drops = Health Index % x Normal Fragment Drops. Battle Flags Battle Flags allow players to form a squad in the Lost World. As symbols of heritage and […]